Farmor och Vår Herre

Jag vill träffa kristna aktiviteter

The magazine contained an interview with the social worker Elsa Ander who, during the s, provided help to the women selling sex on the streets of Stockholm. When Elsa was asked about the current prostitution laws in Sweden, her critic was severe. However, the customer actually buying the product is not punished. If we are to eradicate prostitution, our legislators have to rethink and allow the police and the courts to treat these customers in the same way as, for example, people buying drugs. Maybe she had experienced the same journey as me and many of my colleagues have been through. When you get to witness with your own eyes the actual hell that prostitution is and the pain caused by the buyers of sex, it is hard to come to any other conclusion than that the blame and guilt for all this suffering are to be put on the ones buying sex — not the ones selling it. It would take another 42 years before Sweden finally chose to do exactly what Elsa wished for. InSweden, as the first country in the world, criminalized the person buying sex, not the person selling it.

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