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Var att träffa parförälskelsebarn

January Edition 62 6th Edition 63 20th February Valentines Edition 64 3rd The whole island of just over ten thousand people have been awaiting the arrival of a visible eruption to end the uncertainty which has lasted months and reinvented El Hierro into a focus of global attention and an unexpected type of tourist attraction. In the south, at La Restinga, where on October 10 a fissure opened in a submarine eruption, magmatic mate­rials began to appear and two more fissures have since erupted. The tremor sig­ nal and alignment of the materials floating to the surface, that can be seen in the Sea of Calm, were until this weekend the most obvious signs detected of an eruption so far, now the event seems to have only just begun. In the north, in Fron­tera, the scenario is dif­ferent. The latest shock arrived on Fri­ day evening with an earthquake that could be felt even in La Go­ mera and Tenerife. There seems to lull in the magma that lies beneath the coast of the island which is desperately seeking a way out. On Friday morning, an intense earthquake occurred within the ecs­tasy of bubbling clo­sest to La Restinga, which residents of El Golfo could feel under their feet as the ground shook and reached a magnitude of 3. And although during the afternoon, the move­ ments of the earth seemed to have taken a break, the evening came with the highest seismic shaking of the crisis so far and caused panic, especially in the town of Frontera, where the epicentre was at a depth of 21 kilometers.

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Unknown-to-many, Gran Canaria is an amazing place to walk, there are literally hundreds of really high quality walking routes on the island, from super easy strolls you can do in your flip-flops to hard core 3 day hikes that require proper shoes knipa more than a small bottle of coke. Over the last few years the government has made a faktisk effort to improve the hiking on Gran Canaria and now you can find clean, well marked out routes throughout the island. But in reality there are quality walks almost everywhere.

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