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At the same time, it should be recognised that more comprehensive adaptations, for example as regards decisionmaking in the area of monetary policy, and the role of the Executive Board in this respect, cannot be undertaken on the basis of the enabling clause, but can only be realised in the wider framework of the Convention and the IGC. Samtidigt bör det erkännas att mer omfattande anpassningar, t.

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His research, which bridges between architectural history and architectural technology, focuses on the role of the architect in the process of creating the built environment. His research focuses on the förhållande between architecture and the humanities. He is currently running a project on Stockholm Public Library and its förhållande to the American ideal of fri education. Katarina Bonnevier is an architect and researcher. She holds a Ph. Her research evolves around relations of architecture and power, especially from gender perspectives. She is frequently lecturing, moderating, exhibiting and participating in public programs within the fields of art, architecture, and urban planning.

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